About Stewarton Fry Inn

Here at Stewarton Fry Inn, we serve up a variety of the tastiest dishes such as golden crispy fish and chips, grilled burgers, baked Potatoes, Italian style pastas, soft kebabs, cheesy pizzas and many other delicious choices.
Our main ambition is to create really good food through the use of the best produce and immaculate craftsmanship that doesn’t cut corners.
Ready for the best pizzas in Lainshaw St? We serve delicious pizzas prepared according to the authentic Italian way with a wide choice of toppings for both vegetarians and meat lovers.
Place your order then leave the rest to our super-fast home delivery service. Remember you’ll get an extra 10% discount through online ordering.
Our priority is hygiene, and our staff are applying strict hygiene protocols, in line with Covid-19 regulations, in all steps of preparing, packaging, and delivering your order, giving you peace of mind.
We are based at 38 Lainshaw St, Stewarton, Kilmarnock KA3 5BU.
Not only can you order online and pay by cash, but you can also use our secure and trusted PayEat online payment system to pay for your orders.
If you’re not happy with your order or simply have a question about ordering and need to get in touch, then call us on 01560 482213.

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